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We are SEO Expert in Japan

Extage Consulting Group (SEO Consulting JAPAN) is the front-runner of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in Japan.
We introduced and spreaded the “SEO” into the Japanese web market.

Success Point of SEO in Japan

Today, many Company pays attention to the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
Almost Company doing Web- Promotion by SEO and Pay Per Click Advertisement.
Most important point for Overseas Company to make success in Web Promotions in Japan, is to understand the trend of Search Engine market at Japan.
In Japan, the majority of the search engine is “Yahoo!JAPAN”. This is characteristic of Japan different from foreign countries.
Yahoo!JAPAN occupies 60.5 percent of the whole market of Search Engines in Japan.
On the other hand,“Google”(the most majority search engine in the world) occupies only 8.8 percent of Search Engine market in Japan.
And, “MSN”(Micro Soft Network) is shared slightly 7.3 percent of Search Engine market in Japan.
That is to say, most important point for success in Japanese Search Engine market, is to make an effective appeal in Yahoo!JAPAN.
But, almost overseas company trying to make inroads to Japan are doing SEO for Google.
Because, they executes SEO and Web- Promotion (and production of website) by their main office at foreign countries.
Extage Consulting Group is the leader of SEO at Japan, and well informed for Yahoo!JAPAN.
We will do every effort for your success of Search Engine Marketing (SEO) in Japan.

Our Services

SEO Services
We (Extage Consulting Group) are the leader of SEO at Japan. We make every effort into your success of SEO web marketing at Japan.
We have many achievement on SEO of Japanese main Search Engine “Yahoo!JAPAN” and also “Google”, “MSN”and other.
Our achievement is not only website for Personal computer but also the website for mobile.
Website Design
We contribute to make brand of your company by making or renewal of your website. It is based on deep understanding of Search Engine Marketing and trend of internet-user. It have power to appeal your company to your target customers. Yahoo!JAPAN attaches greater importance to the HTML structure of the website to determine web positioning. We can produce effective website for Yahoo!JAPAN.
Also, we can produce mobile-website for mobile-user. Mobile user in Japan is said more than Personal computer users.
SEO Consulting Services
We provide consultation of SEO and various kind of Web marketing in Japan. For example, Search Engine Registration, Pay Per Click Advertisement, Backing-link for SEO, and more.
It leads to the success of Internet-marketing and Search Engine Marketing in Japan.
Web writing in Japanese (and translation)
We can write contents of your website in Japanese. Our web writer is well informed and have deep understanding of web marketing and SEO.
We also provide translation service of variety language.

About us

Our president, Yuki Mizuguchi started SEO in 1999, is known as front runner of SEO in Japan.
And our SEO Manager, Motoharu Sumi published the first SEO-book in Japan at 2002. We have most confidence in our ability and achievements of SEO.

CEO(SEO Director)Yuki Mizuguchi

Representative director of “Extage co. ltd.”
President Attorney of “Attorney Office EXTAGE
He is front-runner of SEO at Japan, and management-consulting for many company through web-marketing.
And more, he is also a Legal-expert. He executes Legal services for Corporations like Company establishment, Making Japan branch, application of VISA, making legal documents and applications. He also supports legal services for individual.

Corporate Profile

Company name: Extage Co. Ltd.
Address: 7-7-26-512 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Japan (Postal code: 160-0023)
Telephone: +813(5338)5901
E-mail: info◎ ←Please change ◎→@(at mark)

Contact us

Please contact us by e-mail as much as possible. Because only one staff can correspondence by English on SEO in case of your telephone.